Why industry leaders book external meeting rooms in Amsterdam

April 8, 2024
3 mins read

 In today’s bustling business scene, finding that perfect spot for your next big meeting can be quite the puzzle. Think about it: why stick to the same old office setup when you can jazz things up and look beyond the walls of your own office? Read further, and discover why booking an external meeting room in this lively city might just be the game-changer you need.

Inspiring environments

When you host an important meeting (like a board meeting, brainstorm session or strategy session), you want your attendees to be their most creative and inspired self. Though your own office might be very agreeable and practical, it’s likely that those boring walls don’t inspire you anymore.

The easiest way to find new ideas and push yourself to think in new ways, is to switch up environments. Especially to one that’s inspiring and stimulating. Because if you want to push boundaries, you should be in an environment where the boundaries are pushed. Hosting your meeting in a creative room can help you and your guests  come up with ideas you’d never thought of otherwise. That’s why our meeting rooms are designed by Dutch designers. Each one is unique in interior, using revolutionary design techniques to bring your meeting to the next level.

Catering arrangements

During a meeting, you only have a few hours to reach the perfect outcome that you set out to achieve. This is the moment that you got all the heads together and the clock is ticking to find that perfect idea. Time is precious and it would be a shame to waste it because your attendees are hungry, or because you’re spending all your energy on arranging a group lunch in the busy Amsterdam hospitality industry. That’s why booking a meeting room with included catering arrangements is the perfect way to keep your guests engaged, inspired and motivated. (Not to forget that it’s simply damn delicious.)

When you book one of our meeting rooms, you can pick a catering arrangement that keeps you filled, hydrated, caffeinated and happy during the entire length of your meeting. You can add these packages online during check-out.


Accessibility is key to hit that 100% attendance rate for your meeting. Especially when your guests come from all over the city, country (or even the world). Picking an external location that’s easily accessible by car or public transport can do wonders for your attendance rate. When your guests come from abroad, it’s also key to pick a meeting room in Amsterdam that can be easily reached from the airport. When you pick an easy-to-access meeting location, your guests won’t be worn-out or annoyed by a complicated journey. Instead, they can source all that extra energy into catapulting your meeting towards the ultimate eureka-moment.

You can access our meeting rooms easily with Weesperplein Station right outside our door and many tram- and bus lines around the corner. There are also plenty of Q-parks within walking distance, to park your car.

Post-covid landscape

With more employers calling their employees to the office in Amsterdam, you can see that the offices get busier and meeting rooms gets more scarce. Precious office space is filled with designated desks, that are occupied the whole week.

When decorating the office, employers need to think twice whether to assign the space to a desk that’s used for 40 hours per week, or a meeting room that’s empty half the time.

That’s why booking a meeting room in Amsterdam offers a perfect solution to this dilemma. Renting a meeting room on external locations offers more flexibility when it comes to upscaling and downscaling of the monthly expenses, as they can be booked on demand. Plus, it adds that little extra flair when you need to impress your guests for an important meeting or get that signature down.

So, what’s the takeaway? If you’re looking to inject some life into your meetings and get those creative juices flowing, stepping out of your office and into Amsterdam’s vibrant meeting spaces is a no-brainer. It’s all about creating memorable, productive meetings that drive success. Trust us, your team and your guests will thank you for it.

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