The Skyscape

About this meeting room



Being a larger meeting room, The Skyscape offers space for up to 74 people, making it perfect for bigger presentations, training sessions, and smaller conferences.

Richard Hutten likes ideas that come from having your head in the sky. Surrounded by a curtain made of an aerial photograph, the room is set up in the clouds.

Featuring Hutten-designed chairs and a curtain that seamlessly converts into a projection screen, your presentations will defy convention. Hutten’s Skyscape curtain, much like his other designs, may not directly address the initial issue that brought you to the meeting, but it will open up new possibilities to envision solutions beyond that problem.

PS: We also get it if you book the space for some me-time, no judgments.



No one can work on an empty stomach. That’s why we love to take care of your healthy start of the day. The creative ideas will flow naturally after a diverse breakfast with a Lot(61) of coffee and tea by Kruidenthee Amsterdam. Optionally, you can have it in a package to go or enjoy it together at the long tables of the restaurant in a kick-off breakfast session.

A healthy lunch break in between sessions, just the way you like it. Healthy soups & salads or one of the many lunch options out of our restaurant menu.

End the day in style with a drink, snacks or an extensive group dinner in our Capital Kitchen. We’d love to make you a delicious proposal.

Capital Kitchen is famous for their use of local products. And with local, we mean very local. We get our meat a bike-ride away and our veggies are from the province of Noord Holland.

Looking for the best croquettes in town? We get them from our (almost) neighbors Holtkamp.

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