The Round Room

Designed by Remy & Veenhuizen


Looking for a corona-proof meeting room in Amsterdam? All our meeting-rooms are reorganised to be corona-proof. In The Round Room we can currently host a meeting up to 4 people. Looking for a venue fits more guests, have a look at our outher event spaces.  


The Circle of Life was never planned to feature all kinds of round objects, it just happened. Ever since the beginning of their career, Remy & Veenhuizen declared the world their toolkit and in the case of their signature meeting room in Capital C Amsterdam, they declared their Tube Table the centerpiece of the space. The tube table – what’s in a name – is constructed of cardboard tubes and its round shape forms the basis of the overall interior design: everything is round and found its way into the design by accident.

4 - 8 people
LCD Screen + TEOS wireless connection
Made by designer
High speed internet
whiteboard / flip-over
22 M2
Halve dag: €350,-
Hele dag: €595,-

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