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A large table, chairs, and a coat rack. No hotchpotch, no distraction. Sabine Marcelis’ signature room is completely in line with her own minimalist style.

A large glass plate balancing on one single leg functions as a table, surrounded by the iconic SE69 chairs by Martin Visser, which Sabine gave a subtle makeover. It makes for a stylized, yet warm room. As in Marcelis’ book, ‘minimal’ does not necessarily mean ‘cold’. The light object above the table and the colours of the other objects in the room come in warm, bright colours that will light up any meeting.

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Looking for a corona-proof meeting room in Amsterdam? All our meeting rooms are reorganised to be completely corona-proof. In The Essential we can currently host a safe meeting up to 4 people. Looking for a venue to host more guests, have a look at one of our other event spaces at Capital C Amsterdam.  

At our venue the possibilities are as endless and creative as the meeting- & event rooms we offer. We love creativity and diversity. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to organize a board-meeting for 10 persons, an exclusive diner, mini congress or even a combination. We’ve got it all.

icon-people.svg Up to 8 people
icon-designer.svg Made by Dutch designer
icon-wifi.svg Superfast WI-FI
icon-m2.png 22 M2
icon-euro.png 4 hours: €350,-
icon-euro.png 8 hours: €595,-
icon-workshops.svg WHITEBOARD / FLIP-OVER
icon-audiovisual.svg LED screen + wireless Sony TEOS
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icon-workshops.svg White board
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icon-wifi.svg Superfast wifi
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icon-workshops.svg White board
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