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Erik Kessels is famous for his work in communication and art, not for his interior design. Therefore, when creating this office for a day, he didn’t start with a blueprint of the clock tower, but with an idea. The result, the Clockwork, is a collection of clocks re-appropriated and covering all walls and the ceiling.

An office for a day that evolves around the concept of time. Where anything can happen: a day full of elevator pitches, a coaching session or use it as VIP lounge. The office consists of two floors and is located in the original clock tower. You can rent it for as long as you want, as long as you keep in mind that every passing hour, the clocks chime once more. Once your time is up, all of them go off, resulting in a cacophony. Curious how to stop this sound? You will understand when you’re there (spoiler: it’s something with a big red button).

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In The Clock Tower it’s all a matter of time. In this vibrant space you don’t find yellow post-its on the wall. All walls (and the ceiling) are covered in a collection of clocks. The creative brain behind this room is Erik Kessels. Dutch artist, designer and founder of advertising agency KesselsKramer. While creating this space, he didn’t start with a blueprint of the Clock Tower, but with an idea.

icon-people.svg Up to 8 people
icon-coffee.svg OFFICE FOR A DAY
icon-designer.svg Made by Dutch designer
icon-wifi.svg Superfast wifi
square-workspace.svg WHITEBOARD / FLIP-OVER
icon-euro.png 4 hours: €350,-
icon-euro.png 8 hours: €595,-
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