Capital C is for the creative crowd, and for the neighbours


Five years ago Willem Sijthoff, together with his partner, Team Zadelhoff, bought the former Diamond Exchange and decided to turn the building into the epicenter of creativity: Capital C. Why?Well’, Willem says, ‘Amsterdam houses 100 thousand people that work in the creative sector, all working from their own little silo, who meet each other way too little for inspiration.’ In the basis, Capital C is the place that DOES bring together all different creative blood types. And according to Willem, the inspiration that comes with that, is also very important to entrepreneurs and business people. ‘Entrepreneurship can be kicked to the next level, when you experience unexpected things.’


Also important: Willem unlocks the building for the neighborhood. ‘The building was always very closed and I am very excited to open it to the public. We are a house and a home for everybody. Especially for those who are interested in arts and design.’

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Capital C inhabitant Martina Halsema likes it simple


As you might understand, being a kitchen, we are keen on discovering other kitchens. Capital C inhabitant Martina Halsema, who works as a program partnership manager for Amsterdam Art, welcomed us in her super tidy and neatly organized kitchen. And she admitted right away: ‘I find it difficult to be assisted in the kitchen, I prefer to do everything myself.’

So, if you are lucky enough to get invited to diner, please sit back, relax and don’t get in her way with your good intentions. And accept that it is going to be a long evening: ‘I’m a slow cook. Cooking for me is a form of relaxation. And eating together for me is about paying attention to each other.’

Maybe she’ll prepare you her ‘superb in its simplicity-salad’. What is that Martina? ‘It is green salad, grilled vegetable, good feta and the best olive oil. Served with hearty country bread. Super healthy, super delicious, you never go wrong.’

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Michiel Borstlap is the jazz star behind our playlist


For some jazz stars, jazz is enough to devote their life to. Not for Dutch jazz pianist Michiel Borstlap. One of many things he did, is starting Gallery Play Media, a music curater for companies. He started it out of irritation: ‘It’s no coincidence that if we talk about background music, we often call it “muzak”. Why do we need to listen to shitty music all the time?

When it comes to compiling a playlist, there are many many factors to consider, according to Michiel. ‘It’s the little things that should make you feel good.’ Exactly the reason why we work with him. We want you to feel good at Capital Kitchen.

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