Local food

Local food

Local food

Local food in the capital kitchen.

Call us overeager, but at Capital Kitchen we really got a thing for local produce. Simply because we don’t find it very intelligent to bring ingredients from far away unless it’s really really necessary. And you’d be surprised if you discovered what great products the greater region of Amsterdam has to offer. 

That's exactly the reason why you will find the croquets* and pastries of Patisserie Holtkamp on our menu. Other than that, you we serve the nuts of Gotjé, the tea of Kruidenthee Amsterdam and the Amsterdam roasted coffee of LOT61. Our meat, our veggies, and many many more fresh and honest products come from local suppliers. Check our menu if you don’t believe it.

Besides locality, we convincingly work with brands and food producers that have a heart for the environment, animals and people. Because a funky plate of food or one of our signature cocktails won’t taste so good if they’re not sustainable…


*The croquets and ‘bitterballen’ from Holtkamp are definitely the best in the world. If anyone tells you differently, defriend at once. 

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A plate of food should always look striking


What our chef Dave Wijnschenk learned during his career as a restaurant cook, is that there is one thing that is absolutely imperial: a plate of food should always look striking. ‘The eyes don’t lie. A dish just needs to look delightful. That is why I always pay a lot of attention to the use of colors in the dishes that leave my kitchen. Colors on a plate that add up to each other, just make a dish playful and full of joy.’ It goes without saying that it should taste impeccable too. ‘Yes of course, is the pope catholic?

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Let us worry about your food sensitivity


Going out to a restaurant should be fun for everybody. That is why think that your intolerance or allergy to foods is our problem, not yours. It doesn’t matter if you have an intolerance to cow milk, eggs, peanuts (or any other nuts), shellfish, soy, wheat or whatever, you only need to report it to us in advance. Thereupon… just sit back and relax. 

No need to mention that to our resourceful chefs it’s a walk in the park to create the most amazing vegan dishes. Let alone vegetarian…

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