Excellent regional wines, and many more delicious drinks


Introducing Regi, our sommelier, or as we like to call him our wine curator. He fell in love with wine ever since his tongue met a chateauneuf du pape for the very first time. To Regi, a wine is never just a wine. The wine is a personal story of the winemaker, and we all love a good story.


Our wine gallery is the perfect balance between natural funky wines and the good old classic wines. The menu will bring you unique experiences, and due to its uniqueness, it might happen, that you’re drinking the very last glass of wine from a limited stock. 


Our menu naturally offers some really good Dutch wines. Furthermore, we serve the best German, French and even Luxembourgish and Belgian (sorry, new world wines, you’re not REGIonal enough for us).


Wine not really your thing? Luckily for you, we have more on our drinks menu. Ronald Giphart co-curated the beer menu, craving a cocktail, just ask for it! Cheers. 

Drinks menu
Capital Kitchen wine gallery Amsterdam