We offer you designer spaces for unforgettable diners


In Capital C you can book one of the many extraordinary spaces for whatever purpose. But we also offer you the possibility to enjoy private dining in one of our designer rooms. Just imagine eating a salmon with beurre rosé in our gorgeous ‘Pink Salon’. That one is designed by Dutch designer Ineke Hans, who put in ten ‘Roald Dahl chairs’, inspired by the chair the famous writer wrote his books in. 

Or what about dinner at eight in our spectacular 'Clock Tower'? This space is designed by visual artist Erik Kessels. In this tower you are surrounded by hundreds of ticking clocks. Erik’s idea was that you can work here on whatever you feel is important… around the clock. Why don’t we ask the chefs of Capital Kitchen to cook slow food for you and your company? 


We have some more designer rooms that offer very sophisticated chances for unforgettable private dining experiences. 

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Capital Kitchen Local Art The Pink Salon Private Dining
Top designers and artists helped us to create a vibrant place


Being a part of Capital C, we enjoy the big advantage of being surrounded by thrilling art and design all the time. Capital C is after all the place that connects the world of art with the creative industry. 

The interior design of public spaces and meeting rooms in Capital C are created by a selected group of top designers and artists combined with young talent. The mural in our co-work space on the ground floor for instance, is created by Mr. June. 

We are so proud that Gabriel Lester has designed ‘Peel Plaza’, which technically speaking is a sculpture in the public space in front of our door, that invites people to use it as a terrace. In cooperation with Amsterdam Art, which is holding office in Capital C too, the pop-up gallery in the main entrance is curated. 


We are open to the public. No entrance fee involved. No strings attached. We just would love you to come by.

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