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Capital Kitchen is the restaurant in Amsterdam for a carefree (yet inspiring) group dinner or event. Whether you're hosting an annual company dinner, reception, informal dinner after a meeting, conference or award show, the possibilities are endless and we are happy to think along with you. Our motto is, go big or go home, that goes for groups and our food.


What’s next? Gather your people, set a date, and we’ll be waiting. ;)


PS: We’d like for you to confirm your reservation by making a down payment of €25 per person. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email where you may inform us of your menu preference, allergies (if any), and/or special requests.


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Capital Kitchen Group Dining
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Everything you want to know before organizing a group dinner at Capital Kitchen Amsterdam:


The Setting: High ceilings, grand windows (casually mentioning that canal view here), art as far as the eye can reach. 
The Company: That’s up to you. ;) We do group dinners from 2, 3, to 150 (seated) or up to 350 (standing) of your very best friends.
The Food: Our chef is still working on that one, but we can give you a hint, it will include lots of local food and champagne.
The Drinks: Let us spice up those cocktails to match your evening. 
The Vibes: All the vibes and so much more. We bring the dance floor, you bring your favourite dance moves. Take it next level (we dare you) with a DJ or live performance dance party.


+31 20 247 7040
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special places for special groups


A private (designer) space for 1, 2 or 24 of your very best friends.


We are mad about being together. In one or the other way, different things happen when you are amongst each other. Therefore, we go a step further to encourage people to assemble in spaces that we created especially for ‘together magic’. Interested? We offer a variety of possibilities to come together for whatever type of groups (maybe not hooligans).


Looking for a private space? Our “Backbone” space is literally the backbone of our restaurant. Located on the first floor, you’ll dine surrounded by art (move over Rijksmuseum) with a view on the canal. All is included in the menu.


Would you like to invite 9 to 24 of your very best friends, we got you! Just contact us and we’ll make an offer you can’t refuse. Plenty of space in our building.



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