Welcome to CAPITAL KITCHEN, where the menu goes beyond food.

The best ingredients brought together by our passionate kitchen teams make for heaven on a plate (if you ask us). But there is more to expect: creativity, art, drinks, music, staff and guests are ingredients on the menu. We offer you a creative brainwave for lunch, dinner and drinks in the middle of the art experience.


Our chef, Dave Wijnschenk, knows his way around pure and flavour-rich food. Where classic and not-so classic dishes blend with creative and artistic finesse.  We love to surprise you and your guests, and go the extra mile to make sure you leave our kitchen happy  ánd fullfilled.

Planned an artful night at Carré? Let’s make it a tasty evening too. We’ll make sure you can enjoy up to 3 courses of tastebud heaven – and still be on time for Carré.  

Little tip: Take your lunch or dinner to the next level and ask our sommelier Regi for some amazing wine pairings. He has the finest regional wines selection in his wine gallery (- yes, it’s a thing).


Stop by for a drink with your friends, colleagues or romantic date – we saved you a seat at our bar area.

Treat your taste buds with our wine selection. Curated by our sommelier Regi, who believes that every wine tells the story of the wine maker. The result? A wine gallery that strikes the perfect balance between funky natural wines and old classics – all from within a 600 km radius.

Is wine not really your thing? Don’t worry, we also serve a wide selection of beers at our bar. And if you’re in for a surprise, our in-house mixologists pour all their creativity into shaking up cocktails (ánd mocktails). You’re guaranteed to find inspiration-in-a-glass!

And if you’re into the art of music, then you’re in for a treat. Every Thursday Audio Collective brings the beats from 17:30 onwards. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself on the dance floor – our DJ has a habit of turning even the most timid toe-tappers into dance floor legends.


Creativity needs fuel – the type that goes beyond food. That’s why art is a crucial ingredient on our menu, which you’ll find in every corner (even on our tables).  

Dutch style icon Maarten Spruyt designed our interior, creating an immersive experience that takes you on a journey, from the moment you step in.  

With the inner human being as central theme, we’re here to feed your creativity in every fiber of your being. Roam around the kitchen and get inspired by all the different artworks – if you’re not blinded by the giant melted Rotganzen disco ball already.

But wait, there’s more. Before you enter Capital Kitchen you walk straight through our pop-up art Gallery, which you’re welcome to explore with a drink in your hand. Here you’ll find new expositions every 3 months , curated by Amsterdam Art. It’s open to the public – and it’s free!


Would you like to have lunch, dinner or drinks with a big group? Then you’re at the right address!  

No group is too large or too small at our restaurant. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, babyshower, graduation, (wedding) reception, networking event, company dinner – or simply a celebration that you finally stopped hitting the snooze button 10 times. We’ll make sure your group dinner is unforgettable. 

Google Reviews

Fantastic restaurant in a unique location! (you might easily walk past it) Where else do you find this level of hospitality? The sommelier is exceptionally friendly and brimming with expertise and beautiful wine stories. The service is very efficient and guest-oriented. The menu is highly appealing, crafted from beautiful local ingredients. And perhaps most importantly: the dishes arrive perfectly prepared on the table! Superb value for money, it's wonderful to experience this from colleagues. We'll be back soon.
What a special location! To celebrate the birthdays of both mothers, we dined here with our son and his girlfriend. We let the chef surprise us, and we certainly had no regrets. In a relaxed atmosphere, we indulged our taste buds with a series of surprising dishes. We thank the chef and his staff for this unique experience.
Mark Hageman
I became very enthusiastic about Capital Kitchen. Delicious fresh bread topped with beautiful ingredients. When you look around, you can see that the restaurant is like a studio for the art of the human body. From the wall to the ceiling to the table surface, everything is in the same unique style. The tables, in particular, caught my attention. To the untrained eye, they appear as colorful abstract structures, but they are actually microscopic images of various tissues. Each table displays a different microscopic anatomy. Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant.
Ruben Groen
Beautiful location and a pleasant atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, well-trained, and instructed, which ensured excellent service. The food, the main reason for our visit, was extremely tasty. The accompanying wines were also well-chosen. In short, we will be coming here more often
Peter Kloosterman
We just had an incredibly delicious meal at Capital Kitchen! We booked a table here before attending a show at Carré. The service was quick, friendly, and well-informed. The food tasted fantastic, looked appealing, and there were also delicious vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. The restrooms were clean. We were pleasantly surprised by this restaurant, and we would love to come back in the future.
Benjamin Jonker

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