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Private dining

Surprising, local ingredients

The story behind capital kitchen

Capital Kitchen is located within Capital C: the Amsterdam epicenter of unexpected ideas. A home and a house for the creatively brave. Where it is safe to fail spectacularly and where it’s great to celebrate success together. That won’t work without a decent kitchen.


A kitchen offering surprising food and drinks.
A kitchen with the best regional and sustainable suppliers.
A kitchen cooking with local colour, creative chefs and staff.
A kitchen that builds a community with surprising ingredients.

Food, drinks, music, art, events, staff and visitors are all ingredients on the menu to make a Capital Kitchen.


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Capital Kitchen Local Food Amsterdam
Capital Kitchen Local Drinks Cocktails
A vibrant place created by top designers


Being a part of Capital C, we enjoy the big advantage of being surrounded by thrilling art and design all the time. After all, Capital C is the place that connects the world of art with the creative industry. Being located in a former diamond exchange, you’ll sense the history from the very moment you enter the building. Before you even enter the building, you’ll notice something big at our doorstep: Peel Plaza.


Peel Plaza is designed by Gabriel Lester and it’s our way of having a terrace. A sculpture open to the public that invites the people passing by to enjoy the space.


We are open to the public. No entrance fee involved. No strings attached. We would just love you to come by.


Peel Plaza Gabriel Lester Capital C
Peel Plaza by Gabriel Lester Capital C
Capital C Gabriel Lester Peel Plaza
Peel Plaza by Gabriel Lester Capital C Amsterdam

Before making your way into our Kitchen, you'll walk through our revolving Art Gallery. Talking about a creative hub, our art gallery is curated by Amsterdam Art whose office is located inside our very own building.


The art doesn’t stop at our entrance, but we've created our own art space around you while you enjoy your dinner. It’s like having a dinner in the Rijksmuseum, well... kind of. Each and every table in Capital Kitchen where you sit, eat, drink, or hangout at has an irresistibly, beautifully decorated top. Our major design theme is “the inner human being” with the table tops representing strongly enlarged microscopic photos of human organs, all to be discovered by you.


Just like we love our food as local as possible, most of the art pieces are made by local artists such as: Esther Hoogendijk, Juul Krijer, Joep van Lieshout and Folkert de Jong. If you’re curious to find out more about the art in our kitchen, feel free to grab an issue of the latest Capital Kitchen newspaper, free available at the bar.


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Capital Kitchen Local Art Melted Disco Ball
Capital Kitchen Amsterdam Day to C
Get-together with friends, family and colleagues

group dinners

Capital Kitchen is the restaurant in Amsterdam for a carefree (yet inspiring) group dinner or event. Whether you're hosting an annual company dinner, reception, informal dinner after a meeting, conference or award show, the possibilities are endless and we are happy to think along with you. Our motto is, go big or go home, that goes for groups and our food.


The Setting: High ceilings, grand windows (casually mentioning that canal view here), art as far as the eye can reach. 
The Company: That’s up to you. ;) We do group dinners from 2, 3, to 150 (seated) or up to 350 (standing) of your very best friends.
The Food: Our chef is still working on that one, but we can give you a hint, it will include lots of local food and champagne.
The Drinks: Let us spice up those cocktails to match your evening. 
The Vibes: All the vibes and so much more. We bring the dance floor, you bring your favourite dance moves. Take it next level (we dare you) with a DJ or live performance dance party.


Capital Kitchen Group Dining
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Mon - Thurs                     10:00h - 00:00h
Fri                                      10:00h - 01:00h
Sat - Sun                            Closed (for now)


The restuarant opens at 10:00 for coffees only. You may order lunch from 11:30-17:30. Bar snacks can be ordered from 11:30-23:00. Last but not least, from 17:30-22:00 dinner is served! Your favourite drink & smiles served all the time.


NEARBY: Hortus Botanicus, De Hermitage, Tropenmuseum, Carré, Joods Historisch Museum, Dierentuin Artis, Amsterdam Light Festival, Amsterdam Art, Hyatt Hotel, ZOKU, Volkshotel, Amstel Hotel, Q-Park Weesperplein & Centrum Oost


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