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The High Light is suitable for events ranging from a private dinner to a conference to a fashion show. Located on top of the home of the Amsterdam creative industry, it is bound to light up any event, or at least take it to the highest level available.

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At our venue the possibilities are as endless and creative as the meeting- & event rooms we offer. We love creativity and diversity. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to organize a board-meeting for 10 persons, an exclusive diner on the rooftop or the fashion show of the year- we’ve got it all. Our event producers are ready to give your event an extra touch, whatever your angle is: ultra-modern, high end or creative or a combination off all, we will make sure you and your guest are inspired at the High Light!

icon-people.svg UP TO 400 GUESTS
icon-m2.png 1.200 M2
icon-audiovisual.svg STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT
icon-arts.svg Creation of Dutch designer
icon-fooddrinks.svg 2 BARS + pantry
icon-view.svg roof terrace
icon-people.svg Cloak room
icon-m2.png 1,5 meter distance
icon-dinner.svg Professional Kitchen
icon-audiovisual.svg Virtual Studio


A high light FULL of surprises

The dome is equipped with integrated solar cells that generate energy and keep the sun out to keep the indoor climate as comfortable as possible.

The green roof acts as a rainwater buffer and increases biodiversity, filters fine dust from the air and retains CO2. Like the view over the city (hello, sunset) isn’t enough already, also the floor is an eye-catcher. Walk on a 3D-print of beer bottles of the brand Bud. Sustainable and pretty. An event location with a floor you will not find in any other place in The Netherlands.

The artists ‘Children of the Light’ made sure that your guests enter the High Light in a very special way. You never get a second chance for a first impression right? Capital C knows how to impress. The combination of light and sound will guide you to this impressing High Light of our building. This kick-off of your event, really kicks ass!

Children of the Light.jpg
Actual vloer II.jpg


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