Your company is growing and you are hiring new employees. A great progress that you are proud of. You only notice that it is difficult to include all your new employees in the vision, strategy and message of your company. Especially now that so many colleagues are working remotely. How do you ensure that (new) employees really feel and propagate the vision, values and strategy of your company? That they will feel like an ambassador for your brand? The answer: a kick-off, onboarding or reboarding at Capital C.

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The possibilities are just as endless and creative as the Capital C building. Within each space, a specific theme of a kick-off, on- or reboarding is central. Every room gives a creative spin to this. Going through all the designer rooms is therefore essential for a successful Building (for a) Day. After this expedition, employees are familiar with the culture, they have knowledge of the company strategy, there has been interaction between the different colleagues in different ways, the employees have been fully power boosted. This makes every employee proud of the company they work for, both old and new colleagues.

icon-people.svg +/- 250 people
icon-m2.png 8000
icon-workshops.svg workshops
icon-party.svg party-proof
icon-arts.svg art
icon-fooddrinks.svg food & drinks

Capital C and D&B Eventmarketing have the basics ready for you, but together with you we can completely personalize this program. Think of specific issues that are dealt with or tailor-made games that we develop for you. At the end of the day, your goals will be achieved!

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What does your expedition look like?

Think of...


With your head in the clouds in The Skyscape
Recharge your batteries in Capital Kitchen
Write your hero story in The Pink Salon
Feel the pressure in The Clock Tower


      Rethinking in The Round Room
Make a creative (company) confession in our phone booth
Space out in The Airspace
Predict the future in The High Light


Celebrate in The High Light

Capital C Building for a Day Fitness Arie Boomsma
Capital C Building for a Day Skyscape Ceiling
Capital C Building for a Day Crazy Diamond

5 C's


icon-view.svg Company Strategy
icon-people.svg Culture
icon-arts.svg Creative Boost
icon-wifi.svg Connect
icon-party.svg Celebrate

The company strategy, culture, making connections, having fun together and creatively boosting your people are central. These five ingredients are the foundation for your journey.

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