Terrace = OPEN

Coffee, lunch or cocktail(s)?!


Yes, we finally have our own terrace. A terrace for the hood, for you, the community and whoever wants it and where the sun always shines. You're welcome from 8 a.m. for the best coffee from LOT61 with a croissant or sweet from Holtkamp. During lunch, we serve delicious wraps and smoothies from HIND. And as if that isn't already amazing, our very own Jo makes the best cocktails on Fridays between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, with a Holtkamp bitterbal next to it if you want.


MONDAY - FRIDAY: 08.00-18.00 HRS

PS: if it's cozy we might even stay til 20.00 hrs


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Capital Coffee

with a lot (61) of Capital C


The C stands for Coffee, and what kind of coffee. At LOT61 they make coffee with love for the community and that's where we find each other (in addition to the love for good coffee). Did you know that our barista Joanna not only likes to make cappuccinos for you? But also for your four-legged friends. So do you live near the Weesperplein? On your next walk with the dog, pop into Capital C for some puppuccinos or a homemade dog biscuit.




de koekjes van amsterdam

Amsterdam has its own cookie: Eberhardje. This cookie is named after Eberhard van der Laan and stands for connection between the people in Amsterdam. At Capital C it's all about connection, that's why we entered into the connection with the Eberhardjes. You get the cookie with your coffee and do you really want to make a good turn? Then you can score a box of Eberhardjes in our takeaway for home, your friends, your co-workers or anyone else. The proceeds go to (co-)finance activities and projects aimed at connecting people in Amsterdam.



Amsterdam chic

Another great collaboration with a local partner that we are oh so proud of. The Holtkamp confectionery has been located on the Vijzelgracht in Amsterdam since 1969. Known all over the country not only for their delicious patisserie, but now you can also wake us up for the shrimp croquettes from Holtkamp. At the take-out you can go for a petit four, carrot cake, lemon cake or Holtkamp's vegan brownie. When Capital Kitchen opens, you might just come across the qroquettes on the menu.






Sean van Oort, the man behind Kruidentea Amsterdam, changed course after years at the office. He wanted to put his hands in the soil and make a difference. With his Herb Garden, he not only makes the tastiest tea, but they also stimulate biodiversity. In addition to herbs, they plant many bees and butterfly flowers, no pesticides are used and they stimulate soil life by using organic garden soil and compost. With a beautiful mission: we aim to maintain a herb garden in every major city that contributes to the production for that region. This way we can continue to guarantee local products. And that also produces the best cup of tea in town.


On our take-away menu, you will find the following tea blends from Kruidenthee Amsterdam; The Fresh Amsterdammer, Earl Gray and Green Jasmine.



king of (capital) beers

BUD, our partner since the beginning. It is not for nothing that they broke endless beer bottles into pieces for us to make a beautiful floor on our 6th and 7th floor. But not only that, BUD is the pacesetter of many Friday afternoon drinks in our community.





Three entrepreneurs with a passion for wine have joined forces to make Dutch wine more widely accessible to the public. The name bob is the Dutch name for homegrown wine from certain areas. The Dutch term for this is, among other things, Protected Designation of Origin, bob. To get a bob designation, the wine comes from a certain area classified for viticulture and all the grapes (100%) from which the wine is made come from that geographical area. We are proud that we can offer a Dutch wine list at Capital Kitchen.







Meet the faces behind Capital Kitchen. Rick Verheij is our restaurant manager, we like to call him "Rick with his look" when you meet him with a full terrace, enough buzz and you order a Bud beer from him, you'll know!

Joanna is your favourite barista, cocktail shaker, fire starter, dog lover, you could not wish for a better start to your day.

Monty is our hospitality star, serves with a smile.

We are always looking for good hospitality talent, check our open vacancies here.