Being a part of Capital C, we enjoy the big advantage of being surrounded by thrilling art and design all the time. Capital C is after all the place that connects the world of art with the creative industry. We are so proud that Gabriel Lester has designed ‘Peel Plaza’, which technically speaking is a sculpture in the public space in front of our door, that invites people to use it as a terrace. Watch a 45-second timelapse of the installation of the artwork via the button below.

We are open to the public. No entrance fee involved. No strings attached. We just would love you to come by. 



Capital C Gabriel Lester Peel Plaza
Peel Plaza Gabriel Lester Capital C
Capital C Peel Plaza by Gabriel Lester
Gabriel Lester Peel Plaza Capital C


Capital C is the place where we bring the art world and the creative industry together. The interiors of the public spaces and our meeting rooms have been designed by a select group of young Dutch designers and artists. For example, the mural in our co-work space on the ground floor was made by Mr. June and Rick Tegelaar designed the light artwork in the entrance. The pop-up gallery in the main entrance will be curated in collaboration with Amsterdam ART, which also has offices in Capital C.

Do come and have a look!

Capital C Art Play Artist
Capital C Art Children of the Light
Capital C Art Chair
Capital C Art Stairwell Paint
Capital C Art Light
Capital C Art Spray Paint
Capital C Art Chair Armrest



Since September 2019, Amsterdam Art has curated the pop-up gallery in the main entrance of Capital C. Capital C is the center for the creative industry, located in the former Diamond Exchange. Capital C offers spaces to meet, work & collaborate and connect creative minds.

Expect a varied program with bi-monthly changing exhibitions ranging from Amsterdam artists and collectors to crossovers, creative initiatives and associated events.

View the agenda for current exhibitions.

Capital C Art Purple Entrance
Capital C Amsterdam Art Gallery
Capital C Art Exposition