Capital C is the place where we connect the world of art and the creative industry. The interior design of public spaces and meeting rooms are created by a selected group of top designers and artists in combination with young talent. Such as Gabriel Lester, who designed the future terrace "Peel Plaza", which will be more of a landscape. Or Rick Tegelaar who made a very special light object in the main hall and Mr June who created a mural in our co-work space on the ground floor.

Come and see for yourself!



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Amsterdam ART


As of September 2019, Amsterdam Art curates the pop-up gallery located in the main entrance of Capital C. Capital C is Amsterdam's brand new center for the creative industry, located in the former Diamond Exchange on the banks of the river Amstel. Capital C provides spaces to meet, work and collaborate, connecting creative minds together.

Expect a varied program, ranging from Amsterdam-based artists and collectors to crossovers, creative initiatives and accompanying events.

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri / 10 - 17 hrs