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creativity with a capital c


In what once was the centre of the Amsterdam diamond trade, you can now findthe new creative hub of the city: Capital C. Here, on the banks of the river Amstel, we support creatives of every level and celebrate creativity of all kinds.

At Capital C, we know that creativity is not a mysterious gift that some people haveand others don’t. Rather, we understand that creativity is an undefined sum of intelligence,professionalism, dedication, humour, social skills, confidence and sometime just dumb luck.

We understand that you sometimes need to think up 567 horrible ideas before you come upwith something brilliant, or at least, something potentially brilliant. At Capital C, we offer space forthe 567 horrible ideas and for the one idea that just might change the world – or your world.

By providing space to meet, work and collaborate, Capital C unites fresh academy graduateswith famous established creative professionals, links freelancers to agencies, andconnects creativity and commerce. We believe that this energy makes Amsterdam a cityof international connectivity and infinite possibilities.

You’re free to call it whatever you want.
We call it creativity with a Capital C.


Which space suits you?


From hundreds of ticking clocks in the Clock Tower to a spectacular view over Amsterdam in our High Light. We know how to impress your guests. Whether you’re hosting a conference, exclusive dinner, award show or product launch, it’s possible at one of our good-looking venues in Capital C in the centre of Amsterdam.

Meeting rooms

Looking for a Meeting Room in Amsterdam Centre? We have spaces available from 4 to 350 people. Capital C offers the most creative Meeting Rooms & Event Venues in the city. All spaces are designed by Dutch artists and will give your meeting or event the right creative vibe. Capital C is located in the former Diamant Exchange.

Co-work spaces
Cowork IV.jpg

Creativity needs the space to try, fail and try again. In the right space, you can move mountains. On the first and second floor of Capital C you find co-working spaces where creatives meet. With fresh tea, an always-on coffee machine and after a long day of work we clean-up the desks. That’s life right? 


Looking for some stability? You’ll feel right at home in one of our office spaces. Capital C has enough m2 to house you and your coworkers or employees. On the third and fifth floor of the building, we offer office spaces for creative companies in all sizes.‚Äč