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Capital C is the rooftop venue in Amsterdam. Located in the old Diamond Exchange, we mix historical charm with a modern feel. 

At our event venue, the possibilities are as endless and creative as the meeting & event spaces we offer. We love creativity and diversity. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to organize a conference, congress, an exclusive diner, reception, award show, product launch, meeting, or even a combination. We’ve got the space (right here in the Amsterdam centre) for you.


Delicious food

Plenty of chairs

UP TO 300P


private Office &


coffee, tea & fruits


Delicious food

wine- & art gallery

Dutch Design

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Our mission

Make the world a more creative place

In what once was the centre of the Amsterdam diamond trade, you can now find the new creative hub of the city: Capital C. Here, on the banks of the river Amstel, we support creatives of every level and celebrate creativity of all kinds.

At Capital C, we know that creativity is not a mysterious gift that some people have and others don’t. Rather, we understand that creativity is an undefined sum of intelligence, professionalism, dedication, humour, social skills, confidence and sometime just dumb luck.

We understand that you sometimes need to think up 567 horrible ideas before you come up with something brilliant, or at least, something potentially brilliant. At Capital C, we offer space for the 567 horrible ideas and for the one idea that just might change the world – or your world.

By providing space to meet, work and collaborate, Capital C unites fresh academy graduates with famous established creative professionals, links freelancers to agencies, and connects creativity and commerce. We believe that this energy makes Amsterdam a city of international connectivity and infinite possibilities.

You’re free to call it whatever you want.
We call it creativity with a Capital C.

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