The Diamantbeurs was built in 1911 commissioned by the ‘Vereniging Beurs voor den Diamanthandel’.

The building was designed by Gerrit van Arkel, who was an important architect for the diamond industry.

The Diamantbeurs became the centre of the diamond trade in Amsterdam.

The Vereniging Beurs voor den Diamanthandel was established to shift the diamond trade from shabby cafes to one representative location where trade could be done orderly.

The imposing trade hall of the Diamantbeurs formed the heart of the building. Every day, except on Saturday, diamond traders gathered here.

After World War I, the diamond industry flourished and there was an urgent need for extra office space.

In 1919, an extra floor was added on the top of the building. Unfortunately, the top of the facade, including two striking towers, disappeared.

In 1956 a fire destroyed the top of the building and a new floor was built on top in 1957.

In 1960 a mezzanine was built on the first floor due to which the traditional arched windows disappeared.

At the end of the 80’s the building was sold and ended its function in the diamond trade sector.

A radical rebuilding was done in 1990 and the municipality of Amsterdam moved into the building.

This is the building in its current status.